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Is a skincare routine necessary?

Gepubliceerd op 19 september 2020 om 12:59

Nothing is mandatory! But it is useful and your skin will love you for it! Many people assume that many skincare products are created without any meaning and are only intended for companies to make a profit. This is also understandable when you look at how many variants are available in the cosmetics industry, such as gel serums, oil serums, cream serums, tonic, face mist, day cream, night cream, etc, etc ... Is it necessary to have a whole range of products for a routine? A global answer would be "yes". But you don't have to have 20 products at home (unless you want to, who am I to judge, you don't want to see my bathroom).

Read here how to know what is really needed for your daily routine in chronological order.


It is very important to cleanse your skin in the morning and evening. Even if you don't use make up! Your skin picks up a variety of toxins and bacteria throughout the day, from automotive gases to cooking fumes and even hugging your pet. So much happens on your skin that it is best to clean it from all bacteria. You can do this with normal soap or a cleanser with a mild surfactant (foaming soap in short). Because you cleanse your skin with a product that removes quite a bit from your skin, the natural oils from your skin are removed too, but you also confuse the pH value of your skin. This is not bad. You start your day with a clean slate, so your skin is also a clean slate.


Bring back the PH balance

PH (potential of hydrogen) is the acid and alkaline determination of a water-based product. Ph can be measured from 0 to 14. Everything from 4.5 to 7 is ph neutral. Anything below 4.5 is acidic and anything over 7 is alkaline. According to cosmetic research it has been proven that the outermost layer of our skin is around 4.7 to 5. Soap is very alkaline and therefore immediately anti-bacterial. Bacteria cannot survive in an alkaline environment. But because you wash your skin with soap, your pH value of your skin can also get confused and give a dry, tight feeling. This is not so much the case with a cleanser, because the value of the pH is usually adjusted when formulating it. This immediately determines your next step in skincare, namely the toner.


A toner ensures that the pH value of your skin is back in balance. A toner can be more acidic than the pH value of your skin, but it can also be pH neutral. This depends on the type of toner. Do you want it to only calm and nourish your skin or do you want it to immediately tackle your problem areas on your face, such as an AHA-BHA toner. Normally toners have a pH value between 4.5 and 7.

If you use a normal cleanser, you don't necessarily have to use a toner. If you do use the toner in your routine, it is advisable to use it day and night.



Serums are seen as a vitamin boost and concentrated treatment for the skin. I personally can't live without it! I don't have a perfect baby skin and I am also getting older. You have different types of serums with different purposes. It is therefore important to get to know your skin. Do you suffer from pimples? Then you choose a serum that uses certain acids to counteract this. Do you want to boost your skin with protection? Then an anti-oxidant serum is very useful. And so you can continue. Serums can serve as a cure or be used in the skin care routine. This is seen as an important intermediate step because we are dealing with many factors that can damage our skin (smoking, UV sun rays, alcohol, fast food, stress, hormones). But... it is not a must! I do want to add that if you want to take care of and recharge your skin, it is very advisable to use a serum in the evening after cleansing.


Facial moisturizer

Face cream is important and therefore a must! After cleaning the skin, you also remove the natural oils. Additionally, it is very important to moisturize your skin. Creams usually consist of oil and water emulsions with extra vitamins to condition the skin. This ensures that the water, together with the vitamins, penetrates the skin and the oil works on hydration and care. A day cream is enough for this.



Even if you skip all steps (except for cleaning), please save a sunscreen product. not about! Sunscreen products for the face protect your skin against UV rays, reduce the risk of skin cancer and protect the skin against external factors. There are plenty of sunscreen products from gels to creams that don't feel heavy on the skin. There are also day creams with SPF to immediately tackle two points in one go. For effective results, use a product with a minimum SPF 30.


Other products like masks and scrubs

It is not advisable to mask or exfoliate your face every day. Once a week or 2 weeks is more than enough. A mask is a nice treatment for your skin to tackle irritations, pimples or skin aging. Scrubs help exfoliate the skin, aka a peel. You help the skin to remove dead skin cells by exfoliating. Our skin renews every 28 days. With younger people (under 20) this can be as much as 18 to 21 days. And as we get older, the harder it is for our skin to release dead skin cells .. Jeez .. speaking of separation anxiety...


These are the key products for a healthy and moisturized skin. Keep in mind that stress and hormones can also change the skin a lot, requiring extra care that is recommended by a dermatologist.

Let me know what you think about this topic and what your routine looks like. Questions are of course welcome!


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